Hershey India Private Limited offers its consumers an ‘exotic’ new high with the launch of its new premium chocolate ‘Brookside’ this December. Chocolate consumers in India can now treat their palate to an exquisite taste with the unveiling of the globally famed chocolate brand ‘Brookside’. After having internationally spun it’s magic for over 50 Years, Brookside is Hershey India’s venture into premium range of chocolates. It is yet another addition to the slew of enticing new products launched by Hershey’s this year like Hershey’s Milk Booster, Hershey’s Milk Shakes and Hershey’s Spreads.

Brookside is a deliciously crafted chocolate made up of an intriguing combination of smooth dark cocoa rich chocolate on the outside and exotic fruit flavors on the inside. This heavenly mix gives you an extraordinarily delicious taste in every bite. The irresistible taste lingers in the mouth as your senses dive into an enticing & unique chocolate experience.

Hershey’s looks to ride on the substantial growth being witnessed by the Indian chocolate category in the premium space & the consumer’s willingness to explore unique and differentiated products. Chocolate lovers are becoming more discerning and are constantly on the look – out for superlative tastes and experiences. Therefore, Brookside chocolates have been crafted to give Indian consumers a first of its kind experience through a combination of dark cocoa rich chocolate & exotic fruit flavoured centre.

Brookside chocolate will be available in three exotic fruit flavours namely Blueberry & Acai, Raspberry & Goji and Pomegranate.

Commenting on the same, Mr Praveen Jakate, MD, Hershey India Pvt Ltd said, “These are exciting times for us at Hershey’s India. Over the past few months, we ventured into several attractive categories like milk additives, milk shakes and chocolate spreads, through differentiated products offering delicious taste and fortification, under the Hershey’s brand. We have now entered the growing premium chocolate category with our globally acclaimed brand Brookside. Brookside is an extraordinarily delicious chocolate with an intriguing combination of dark cocoa rich chocolate and exotic fruit flavors. We are confident that chocolate lovers would simply fall in love with its amazing taste experience.”

Brookside will be available in large stores in select cities across India. The attractive standee pouch packaging depicts the artisanal combinations.It is priced at Rs.50 for 33.3g single consumption pouch and Rs.140 for 100g multi-consumption re-saleable pouch respectively.

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