Japan’s finest chocolate – ROYCE’ available for delivery on Scootsy

One truly does not need an occasion, festival or a season to indulge in the joys that chocolates bring. Now celebrate your daily victories, satisfy your afternoon cravings or send your friend a surprise by ordering-in an assortment of ROYCE’ chocolates anywhere in Mumbai, only on the Scootsy App.

ROYCE’, one of the world’s finest chocolates, was founded in 1983 in Sapporo, the capital city of Japan’s northernmost island Hokkaido. Over the years, ROYCE’ has grown from Hokkaido’s best-kept secret to an international phenomenon.

ROYCE’ prides itself in offering a wide array of products that follow one consistent theme- fresh chocolate products that are rich in flavour, textures, complexity and taste. ROYCE’s signature product is a cube of mouth-watering ganache, the “Nama”, luxuriously truffle-like, alluringly creamy and evidently moist. Ghana Bitter, Mild Cacao, and Ecuador Sweet are just some of the flavours, all made with fresh cream from farms near the factory in Hokkaido.

ROYCE’ is also renowned for its quirky novelties such as crisp potato chips covered with chocolate. This brand of fresh chocolate is not only known for its unique ingredients and approach to chocolate making but also for its eye for detail- each serving of Nama comes with a specially designed spatula to be used when eating this sensitive chocolate and every box is packed before it leaves the store in a thermal bag along with a frozen cooling gel pack, to ensure that the product does not melt while being delivered.

Scootsy, a Mumbai-based hyper- local discovery and delivery service has successfully completed a year and has been lauded by many for getting on board some of the finest and most exclusive brands on its platform. Rishi Khiani, MD of Scootsy says “ROYCE’ is one of my favourite chocolate brands in the world and we are excited to offer delivery in the city within 60 minutes with just one click.”

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