Threads and Shirts

Threads & Shirts is introducing a new range of luxury shirting bringing you the very best from Soktas with a 2 ply by 120 thread count which is designed in Turkey and crafted in Pure Egyptian Cotton.

The shirts are made up of minimum 16 stitches per inch and the buttons securely attached with criss-cross stitching. These are hand stitched buttons adding the luxuriously factor to shirt making.

When it comes to collars, they have fused as well as soft unfused collars with optional cuffs. German Fusing provides the perfect sturdiness in construction of the collar and the cuff.

Every tiny detail has been crafted with utmost attention like the extra margin for shirt shrinkage as well as the spare button and collar stays or the Small button on sleeve placket. It just adds to it’s perfection.

At Threads and Shirts all the fabrics are pre-washed ad pre-shrunk to avoid further shrinkage and provide the best comfort in dressing which is our motto.

The price for these luxury shirts range from 4500 – 5000 depending on customized designs and patterns.

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