Embark on a journey to China through the epicurean delights of Sichuan Chinese cuisine as your palate gets the Oriental touch at China INC at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai.

A treat for the foodie and the visualist, China INC offers its guests the gastronomic diversity of Schezwan cuisine with a décor that perfectly complements the food and transports you to the Land of the Middle Empire, right in the heart of Mumbai.

The menu is tailored to incorporate flavours from the Sichuan region, the Canton region and showcase specialties from the Xiao Long Bao region of Shanghai. Dive into the exquisite Dim Sum Tasting Platters, as you make room on your plates for the hearty delicacies from the Orient. You can pick from a range of 11 specialty teas including the artisan flowering tea, to take in the subtle aromas and tastes of the infusions, before you commence on the culinary journey to China. The carefully crafted menu includes dishes like Peking duck, a traditional Beijing duck served with classic condiments & pancake, Wok Fried Lobster, in a choice of Singapore Chilli, Black Bean or Butter Chilli Oyster Sauce, Moo Shu Lamb, a braised lamb shank with spicy fragrant garlic, Braised Eggplant, served with vegetables in chilly yellow bean sauce, and Assorted Mushroom and Bamboo Shoot in Chilli Oil. Leave room for some delectable desserts like the Date and Banana Pancakes, and Chilled Rambutan to round off your meal with a proper Chinese flare.

With the Dragon decorating the ceiling in a swirl of gold, transparent and mauve hand-blown glass and crystal bulbs, against a backdrop of a warm Yellow fabric, the eye-catching and exclusive design of China INC reincarnates the theme of the Great Orient. The warm hue of Yellow which is reflected throughout the restaurant’s décor, perfectly complements the wooden and marble flooring accompanied by glimpses of bronze, transporting the guests straight to China.

Commenting on the launch of China INC, Mr. Pankaj Sampat, General Manager, Taj Santacruz said, “We are excited to present to our guests another unique offering through the authentic Sichuan cuisine right here at the Taj Santacruz. At China INC we want our patrons to rediscover the Chinese food fare, and find a place to enjoy genuine recipes, and the natural feel of the Orient in the heart of Mumbai.”

Executive Chef, Vikas Milhoutra said, “China INC. will offer its patrons the finest dishes from the Sichuan Chinese region, full of exotic flavours and aromas of traditional Chinese delicacies. The food at China INC is grounded in the roots of Chinese recipes, and at the same time offers guests a contemporary spread.”

Director of Food & Beverage, Santosh Shetty said, “We wanted to give our guests the ultimate experience of the Orient in terms of not only the food we are serving, but the general feel of the restaurant. A lot of thought has gone behind making sure we bring the treasures of the Sichuan recipes to Mumbai.”

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