Joyalukkas Launches the Mangalsutra from The Arabelle Collection with Forevermark Diamonds

To mark one of the most significant days of a woman’s life, Joyalukkas presents the Mangalsutra pendant from The Arabelle Collection created with rare, beautiful and responsibly sourced Forevermark diamonds. This exquisite piece inspired by nature, captures the magnificent plumage of the white peacock, beautifully interpreted in Forevermark diamonds.

Encapsulating the vivid grandeur of this majestic bird, the elegant mangalsutra pendant is intricately set in 18k gold and rose gold with diamonds in 14pts and above. Its fluid design and peacock motif perfectly symbolizes integrity and eternal beauty.

It is known that less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be a Forevermark, which is inscribed with a unique number branding each diamond’s brilliance.

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