‘SPARSH Touch of Elegance’ Launches “Diamond Bangle cum Bracelet” and “Diamond King & Queen Ring” for Women

“Diamond Bangle cum Bracelet”

Elegant, Trendy and Fashionable Bangle cum Bracelet for women, designed by SPARSH Touch of Elegance, is crafted with shimmering diamond and 18K pure gold. This unique jewellery piece which can be a Bangle or a bracelet; depending on the occasion that you are wearing, will surely enhance your style and inner bohemian in you. This stylish and charming jewellery is exactly what you need to hold everyone’s attention.

“Diamond King and Queen Ring”

SPARSH Touch of Elegance has made a vintage King and Queen Diamond ring for women. The King and Queen are brilliantly carved on old stone and expertly crafted with shimmering round diamonds, gold and blue sapphire. This charming unique design is made to inspire and fill with awe. It is suitable for all occasions and ideal for Gifting purpose.

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