Million dollar Argyle red diamond coin sold within 48 hours

Rio Tinto is delighted to announce the sale of The Perth Mint’s Kimberley Treasure, the world’s first coin to feature a rare red diamond from its Argyle Diamond Mine in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The Kimberley Treasure, a million dollar coin crafted from one kilogram of 99.99% fine gold and featuring a radiant cut 0.54 carat Argyle red diamond, sold within 48 hours of its unveiling.

The Perth Mint has worked in collaboration with Mr John Glajz, an Authorised Partner of Argyle Pink.

Diamonds, to create a number of special gold and pink diamond ingots and coins during the past five years, which have been in strong demand from investors, collectors and diamond experts.

Simon Trott, Managing director of Rio Tinto Diamonds said, “We are delighted with the sale of the Mint’s Kimberley Treasure. We have seen and continue to see, strong demand from this high end of the luxury market. The coveted Kimberley Treasure speaks the language of exclusivity, desirability and collectability.”

The new owner of this breath-taking collectible is Tiara Gems and Jewellery, a Dubai based company specialising in rare and important fancy colour diamonds, unique collectibles and heirloom pieces of jewellery.

Mr Ashish Vijay Jain, Founder and Chairman of Tiara Gems and Jewellery said “We are excited and privileged to add the Kimberley Treasure to our international collection of one-of-a-kind pieces”.

The Kimberley Treasure will be exhibited at the Perth Mint until 14 August.

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