KeepCup Launches the ‘Tasty Notes’ Collection in Middle East

KeepCup aims to support and encourage a change in the way eco-citizens of the world enjoy their takeaway coffee.

KeepCups success has been founded on the key consumer insight that colour is a key factor in end user attraction to KeepCup. It is the colour which captures attention and inspires people to learn more about what KeepCup is and how to use it. Once consumers learn about KeepCup’s core mission – to reduce disposable cup waste, they are further intrigued and the concept of doing good in conjunction with using a product that appeals to them from a design and colour aesthetic is the foundation for KeepCups success.

The KeepCup Tasting Notes range takes inspiration from the specialty coffee flavour wheel. The wheel is the most iconic resource in specialty coffee, the industry standard in flavour for over two decades. From the boldness of cocoa, to the fruity citrus notes of tea rose, Tasting Notes explores a world of unique, sometimes rare flavours and the bright colours of nature.

According to Anu Agarwal, CEO of, “The recently launched ‘Tasty Notes’ collection is immensely popular in Australia and we hope the coffee drinking population of Middle East will love this vibrant range of lifestyle coffee cups. The first of our seasonal colour launches, aims to give energy and fun to our core message of positive sustainability and reuse. Tasting notes is a bright, pastel based range, using colours from the recent Pantone colour trends. Supporting ‘green initiatives’ like the KeepCup makes a good business case for corporate sustainability. It invigorates employees through participation in a culture of improvement and innovation.”

Most disposable paper cups are not recyclable. The typical paper cup is made from a composite of materials, kraft bleached paper sprayed with a polyethylene coating. Paper cups are often impregnated with toxic dyes which make them difficult to recycle. The plastic lining in disposable paper cups means they are not recyclable.

KeepCup features: Made from #5 polypropylene – the food safe grade plastic; Sealable and lightweight; Dishwasher and microwave safe; Matches standard industry coffee medium size; Fits in car cup holders; Medium KeepCup (355ml) fits under the group heads of espresso machines and Can be individualised using the unique band system

The cups, lids, bands and plugs can be mixed and matched to create original and exciting colourways. Coffee variants are embossed on a silicone band around the outside of the cup, making it possible to highlight individual preference with a permanent marker. The average life of a KeepCup is four years!

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