Ushering in the Chinese New Year, a grand outdoor celebration event- “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Monkey” has been planned for the third day (10 February) and sixth day (13 February) of the Lunar New Year. The annual event features a fabulous float parade alongside over 1,000 performers, splendid fireworks, a local display of floats and so forth. Ready to live broadcast the event through TV channels and on LED screens at a total of nine locations, the Macao Government Tourism Office hopes to fill the city with festive joy and celebrate Spring Festival with local residents and tourists from around the world. At the same time, TDM and Macao Cable TV will live broadcast the Parade and record the show for subsequent broadcast; a special program about the Parade will be also broadcasted on Jade TV.  This year, the whole Parade will revolve around a story about the Monkey King, a famous character in a Chinese classical novel. A multimedia opening show will also kick off the Parade for the first time, promising an extravaganza of light and 3D effects. The Tourism Office will also launch an interactive Wechat game this February to give out prizes for any “golden monkey” found, encouraging visitors to celebrate Chinese New Year in Macao and enjoy a stroll along local walking routes themed as “Step Out, Experience Macao’s Communities”.

A Story behind the whole Parade

Laying emphasis on the zodiac sign “Monkey”, the Parade this year revolves around a story about the Monkey King spending a Chinese New Year vacation with the Celestial Court in Macao. As the story begins, the Jade Emperor wishes to visit the earth for fun with his Celestial Court during Chinese New Year. Upon knowing that Macao hosts an annual float parade during Chinese New Year, he commands the Monkey King to visit Macao in advance to plan an exciting trip, before meeting the Celestial Court during the Parade. During the press conference, the Monkey King made a debut with 72 transformed faces featured in the 3D mapping show. A correspondent show will come into the spotlight at the Parade opening on the third day of Lunar New Year, a new highlight not to miss with spectacular effect.

The “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Monkey” is organized by MGTO and co-organized by Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Cultural Affairs Bureau and Macao Sports Bureau. The event is also supported by China National Tourism Administration as one of the sponsoring entities. A press conference about the “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Monkey” was held at the Tourism Activities Centre (14 January). MGTO Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, President of Macao Sports Bureau, José Tavares, MGTO Deputy Directors Cecilia Tse and few other were present in the press conference together with representatives of the sponsoring entities.

Four major themes of performance
Emerging as one of Macao’s signature festive events, The Parade features four major themes of performance as follows: “Fortune Stars to the World”, “Great Treasures on their way”, “Rhythm of Lucky Blessings” and “Prosperity & Success fills the Year”. This year, the Parade is joined by 14 floats, 28 local groups as well as a total of 9 performance groups from different places including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Portugal, Spain and the United States.

Performances, Fireworks Show and Giveaways!

To add musical magic to the celebrations, talented local artistes and famous singers will join in and lend their mesmerizing vocals to awe visitors. Also stage performances will be showcased and the Parade will join in followed by a grand fireworks show.

To liven up spectators’ spirit, exciting presents will be given away along the Parade routes including fluffy monkey toys and hats, illuminated wrist bands and flashlight clappers for the Parade.
Float Display
The 14 floats in the Parade will be showcased at Sai Van Lake Square and Tap Seac Square during 10 – 13 February and 13 – 21 February respectively. The floats will be brightened up with illuminations to allow photo opportunities.

Macao Hunt:

Besides the dazzling float parade, MGTO will also roll out a “Macao Hunt” activity to look for the golden monkey from 1 – 28 February, encouraging residents and visitors to complete this interactive fun game on Wechat at four designated “Step Out, Experience Macao’s Communities” walking tour routes. Once completion, they can enter the lucky draw for a chance to win attractive prizes. To add more fun and color to the Parade night, locations are set up near each seating set for spectators to look for the monkey on the third night of Lunar New Year.

Making every ardent tourist’s dream come true, Macao’s larger than life, awe inspiring Celebrations of the Chinese New Year and Parade For Celebration Of The Year Of The Monkey presents a chance to travelers to experience the city in its full form!

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