Parade through Macau, Latin City 2015 in Celebration of the 16th anniversary of Macau’s Handover to China

Macau, Latin City Parade is an annual parade since 2011, held every year on the 6th of December. Different teams from around the world are invited along with local elite artistes to the annual performance, led by Macau residents and tourists in the heart of Macau’s Quest adventures, interspersed with the historical city streets, singing and dancing along with the public, to show Macau’s unique cultural features. As a cultural integration of the city atmosphere, the final stage of the large Symphony finale show is the entire focus of the parade. There is a staged kaleidoscope full of fantastic, marvelous, colorful performances, a parade atmosphere which will push to the highest point, to celebrate this happy day.


This year’s Parade uses a treasure hunt as the story background. VIVA leads the bravest citizens of the town and abroad and follows the clues provided in a treasure map to uncover its secrets and conquer a mysterious energy. The Parade’s opening ceremony takes place at 4pm at Largo da Companhia de Jesus. Together with the performing groups from Latin-speaking countries and other foreign regions, local talents begin the extraordinary treasure hunt journey. The route is same as last year’s, beginning from the Ruins of St. Paul’s and coming to final destination at 5:30pm at Tap Seac Square to celebrate the handover with a festive and carnival atmosphere. This year, the organizer will set up two ascending seating areas at Tap Seac Square for the audience, so the public can watch the performances clearly and comfortably.


The parade is one of the major events in celebration of Macau’s handover to China and has already become one of the city’s trademark festive events since its first edition in 2011. The Parade further features a series of related activities, including a photography contest and social media games with prizes. They will be progressively announced and will be open for the public to participate. It is organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and is co-organized by the Macau Government Tourist Office.

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