TRHs The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Ruth Powys, CEO, Elephant Family admire miniatures painted by local school children marking the launch of Elephant Parade India 2017.

Their Royal Highnesses [The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s] visit to Kaziranga marked the launch of ‘Elephant Parade’, a public art event that will take place in 2017, the year of India-UK culture. A call to artists from across India is being made to participate in creating a visually stunning ‘herd’ of painted model elephants, similar to the ones their Royal Highnesses saw during their visit to Kaziranga.

Elephant Family cares for both elephant and human families, funding pioneering solutions such as elephant corridors. Born from the success of its predecessor in London, the Elephant Parade in India will generate vital funds to help secure 100 elephant corridors across India for the endangered Asian elephant who risk displacement through fragmentation of habitat and human disturbances. Crucial sponsorship will also facilitate the voluntary relocation of communities living on elephant corridors to safer areas.

The last London Elephant Parade, which took place from May to June 2010, became London’s biggest ever public art exhibition with more than 250 brightly painted elephants located across central London. With an audience of 25 million, the campaign raised over £5 million for the endangered Asian elephant.

The 300 painted model elephants on parade across Delhi and Mumbai in 2017 will create a striking spectacle of colour and showcase the nation’s most creative artists and emerging talents; whilst celebrating India’s national heritage animal.

Having supported Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) to successfully secure an elephant corridor in Kerala in the past, Elephant Family is currently working with WTI in Assam to help secure the Kalapahar Daigurung corridor through voluntary village relocation. Since 2004, Elephant Family has invested over heavily into conservation projects spanning the length and breadth of the country; and will continue to secure corridors for elephants with valued support from its corporate partners, including PWC India.

Ruth Powys, CEO of Elephant Family said: “We are thrilled their Royal Highnesses were able to join Elephant Family and the Wildlife Trust of India at Kaziranga Discovery Park in Assam to see first-hand the important animal conservation work that goes on here. The Royal visit also marks Elephant Family’s call to India’s creative artists to participate in creating the Elephant Parade 2017 – where 300 model elephants will be hand painted with stunning designs and showcased across Mumbai and Delhi to raise funds and awareness for one of India’s most loved and endangered animals.”

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