Hublot celebrated famed artist Carlos Cruz-Diez

On the 30th November, Hublot celebrated famed artist Carlos Cruz-Diez to kick off Miami’s highly anticipated Art Basel 2015.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe welcomed watch and art aficionados alike for the opening reception for “Cruz-Diez Bi-Dimensional Research 1959-2015” in Miami’s Design District. To honor this partnership, Hublot unveiled three limited edition Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez timepieces.

The Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez is one of the leading figures and key representatives of kinetic-optic art, the artistic movement which calls for “an awareness of the instability of reality” by placing movement and space at the heart of its works. His artistic approach has led to him being regarded as one of the great colour theorists of the 20th century. His research has helped create a new way of understanding the phenomenon of colour, expanding its perceptual universe. In his works, colours are perpetually being formed and broken down before our eyes, suggesting that colour is not an established truth, but rather an unstable reality which is continually changing in time and space.

Hublot invited Carlos Cruz-Diez to adapt one of his works – Chromointerférence (1964) – to three of its timepieces. Juxtaposed coloured lines have been printed on the dials. Superimposed over these fixed designs is a mobile black frame which moves every minute, generating new ranges of colours which do not exist on the support, and changing the perception of the previous ranges. This allows the dials to offer a harmonious show of different colours over a 12-hour period. The cycle then begins again.

All measuring 45 mm in diameter, these “Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez” timepieces are available in three versions: an 18K King Gold version, a black ceramic version and a platinum Tourbillon version limited to ten timepieces. Unique to each timepiece, the dial on this Grande Complication presents a harmonious show of different colours.

Hublot continues its support of and dedication to Latin American artists, which have previously included partnerships with artist and sculptor Romero Britto and the late architect Oscar Neimeyer.

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