Renowned trend forecaster curates Rado’s lightness-inspired collection

The latest collection by Swiss watchmaker Rado is imbued with lightness, both aesthetically and in terms of the materials used. Now renowned trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort has curated these lightness-inspired Rado timepieces, placing them together with exclusive design objects in an

exhibition that showcases the interplay between Rado’s lightweight novelties and Edelkoort’s unique vision of a lighter way of living.

Rado’s latest standout pieces have been crafted from the brand’s signature material, high-tech ceramic, which is one of the lightest and most durable materials used in luxury watchmaking. The designs are light and atmospheric as well: The True Open Heart, with its diaphanous mother-of-pearl dial, evokes feelings of weightlessness, while the new True Thinline timepieces seemingly float on the wrist with their restrained lines and ultra-slim profiles.

An in-demand publisher and trend consultant, Lidewij Edelkoort has made a name for herself as a far-sighted interpreter of a world caught up in revolutionary change. In Designing Lightness, her latest work for Rado, Edelkoort pairs Rado’s latest watch collection with objets d’art crafted from gossamer fabrics, smooth porcelain, and all manner of deliberately draped, quilted or gently curved materials. Edelkoort’s curation underscores her observation that today’s design scene is on a quest for

lightness: “Design becomes portable and wearable, featherweight fabrics are clothing the body, and thin sober watches stretch into infinity. Material is the message and mindfulness is the movement.”

In the words of design trend expert Edelkoort: “Rado’s timepieces are simple, serene and soothing, created for the individual and no longer for the public, with the feature of feeling so surprisingly light when worn. From their delicate dials to their sleek silhouettes, the watch details are intimate and emotional, reduced to fundamental elements, quiet and invisible, whispering time.”

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