The WATCHe brand presents « The first Swiss Made mechanical watch on smartwatch

WATCHe: a bridge between connected and shows mechanical mind. With this application, it is the message I want to convey. The watch pedagogy must use this new world and do not reject it. ”

Luc Pellaton, founder of WatchE “It’s going to be important to make smartwatches look more like traditional watches in the short term,” he says. “After all, the mechanical watch is a reference point in terms of quality, history and usage. But then the smartwatch will evolve into displays without limits.”

Indeed, the oft-suggested hope that smart watches will prove an introduction to mechanical timepieces for digitally native generations uninterested in wearing a watch at all may prove a forlorn one. The latest hybrids, and those that will surely follow, could rather simply prove the evolution of species.

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