Sonam Kapoor

After introducing India to a world of bubbly in 2013, Chandon India launched its brand platform, The Party Starter™ in September 2016, befitting a brand that stands for all things fun, celebratory and spontaneous. Chandon followed this up with the introduction of its Limited Edition End of Year bottles of the same name. The message that the brand is communicating is clear – all you need is a flute of Chandon to transform life’s mundane moments into one big party because Chandon equals a party state of mind.

Digital and especially social media is huge in India and growing at an exponential rate. Currently, there are 371 million Indians* connected online through their phones and it is expected that India will become the largest user of mobile internet in the world by 2020*. In this context of a digital world, Chandon decided to do something innovative and tap into this relevant space of communication.

The way forward was to look at the one thing that binds India – music. Hence was born, The Party Starter™ anthem which also has a video that includes a hook step that challenges Chandon’s target consumers (25 Yrs up) to replicate. Chandon could not think of anyone better to partner with on this particular collaboration than Anushka Manchanda, known for her edgy style of singing and of course the beautiful, talented and extremely digitally savvy Sonam Kapoor.

Come March 2, 2017, Chandon India will launch The Party Starter™ anthem and push it across it digital platform. The Party Starter™ anthem features the Bollywood style diva in an exclusive video whose soundtrack is composed and performed by popular singer Anushka Manchanda.

Sonam Kapoor is an award winning actor who also happens to be India’s leading fashion icon. Sonam, who has a massive following on social media and connects with the Chandon consumer, will break this soundtrack and video across her various digital platforms and challenge the country to perform the signature Party Starter™ dance move.

Speaking at the launch, Stéphane de Meurville, Managing Director – Moët Hennessy India said, “The Party Starter™ is the perfect platform for Chandon in India. It stands for what we as a company believe the brand represents – breaking the mundane moments and converting each experience into a party. The response we received for our Limited Edition bottles of the same name, gave us more reasons to launch this platform in a bigger and bolder way. Everything we do, however small, has to have the Chandon touch to it. Ms. Kapoor is the perfect example of what we as a brand believe in. With her fun-loving, bubbly persona, she stands true to our brand’s attitude and approach along with having a very influential digital presence. Not only is she a remarkable actor and a game changer in the fashion space, but also a true Party Starter™.”

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