This Autumn Louis XIII blazed a bold new trail in the world of spirits by opening the first ever Louis XIII Boutique in the world on September 20th at Beijing SKP, the ultimate luxury shopping mall. Louis XIII takes its clients far beyond the cognac to offer them a wave of sensations, an emotion an experience.


“LOUIS XIII cognac is an icon of French art de vivre and excellence. With this world-premiere, LOUIS XIII is changing the rules of the game in spirits, posing the founding stone of a new chapter in its history,” said Eric Vallat, CEO of the House of Rémy Martin.

Comprising a boutique and a salon devoted to the universe of LOUIS XIII, clients are invited into the legend of this historic cognac, its heart and soul. Showcasing LOUIS XIII in a spectrum of exquisite editions, this stylish space is designed to offer clients bespoke services and exclusive LOUIS XIII experiences that forge lasting and even closer personal bonds.


This pioneering new chapter in the LOUIS XIII odyssey will take place in Beijing, in the prestigious Beijing SKP luxury mall, an icon of fashion. With seven floors devoted to luxury and lifestyle, Beijing SKP is undeniably one of the top choice malls in the world, The Place To Be for high-end fashion and lifestyle brands.

“LOUIS XIII is uniquely placed at the heart of the men’s fashion area of Beijing SKP. It is an exciting new stage in the LOUIS XIII journey, a visionary venture in which we invite our clients to enter its story, its world,” said Ludovic du Plessis, LOUIS XIII Global Executive Director.

“LOUIS XIII is a French luxury brand rooted in history and a fascinating heritage. We are delighted to welcome it to Beijing SKP to launch this major landmark in its history and legend,” adds Mr. Zhiwei Luo, General Manager of SKP.


“The LOUIS XIII Boutique and Salon tell the story of this iconic cognac through a play on opposition and complementarity, a union between the concentration of mineral and vegetal, the sense of terroir and the expression of time. The design concept combines the noblest materials with state-of-the-art digital innovations to inspire poetry and feeling, the experience of LOUIS XIII,” said Denis Montel, Creative Director and Managing Director of RDAI and RDAI Architecture

Designed by RDAI, the high-end interior design firm renowned for the seminal Hermès flagships, Elie Saab Paris or Yves Saint Laurent, the LOUIS XIII Boutique exposes a skilful mix of luxury and elegance, design, digital technology and customised lighting, therefore appealing to all senses. Showcasing materials and colours that tell the LOUIS XIII story – limestone evoking the precious chalky terroir, copper recalling the eaux-de-vie stills, oak invoking the ancient casks, glass and crystal for the decanters – it enjoys a prime location at the heart of Beijing SKP alongside the LOUIS XIII Salon, which invites clients to take time out to savour and discover this iconic cognac. Among the LOUIS XIII offer that clients can experience will be tasting opportunities and food pairings as well as special editions and unique LOUIS XIII products sold exclusively at the Beijing SKP LOUIS XIII boutique.


The LOUIS XIII world premiere opening launches at Beijing SKP with a Salon and a Boutique, two complementarity spaces covering a total 132 square metres. With a prime location at the top of the escalators, the LOUIS XIII Salon serves as a gateway into the LOUIS XIII Boutique.

RDAI’s design concept for the boutique reveals the notion of concentration and invites clients on a passage through time. It starts with the Grande Champagne terroir, the nucleus of the Cognac region that produces the eaux-de-vie that will mature into LOUIS XIII, to create an intense wave of aromas and flavours.

From the chalky soil to the vine, the hand of the cellar master and the ancient oak casks, the singularity of LOUIS XIII is expressed in each material and facet. The closer you come to the heart of the boutique, the more luxurious the environment, culminating in a private Eternity Room, reserved for previews of exclusive limited editions and intimate conversations with visiting luminaries from all corners of the world. To accompany clients on this journey into the heart of cognac, the boutique features a stunning centrepiece, The Century Wheel, a circle of light which, when the hand approaches, travels through the ten decades that comprise LOUIS XIII. One century in a decanter, the maturation process is portrayed in the rich coloured hues of cognac illuminated in 1200 glass bricks around the walls, offering a lyrical and sensorial experience of time.

Opening times: 7/7, 10am to 10pm

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