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With the newly developed Wine Master from Victorinox, the fun starts the moment you go to open the wine bottle. This specialized corkscrew knife will delight wine connoisseurs, collectors and picnic enthusiasts alike with its appealing combination of practical functionality and elegant precision.

How does the saying go? In vino veritas: In wine there is truth! Yet, time and again, the same obstacle stands in our path in the pursuit of candor and – dare we say it? – indulgence. The need to remove the cork.

Of course, anyone who owns one of the many renowned Victorinox knives with an integrated corkscrew can already master this task with aplomb. The corkscrews produced by this family-run Swiss company have demonstrated their functionality and durability millions of times over. But thanks to its rock-solid core and some slick innovations, the new Wine Master turns opening a bottle of wine into an even more effortless affair.

The new Wine Master is the latest addition to the Ranger Wood line of 130-millimeter models from Victorinox. It shares their solid and versatile stable blade, which is unlocked by pressing the Victorinox emblem – a particularly convenient and safe method.

The appealing new feature of the Wine Master is its strikingly elegant extra-long corkscrew. This is shaped like a cone and riveted firmly in place. It is ably assisted in its main task by the equally innovative combination tool. This can be used as a bottle opener, but above all as a double lever for uncorking.

It’s a familiar technique that’s encapsulated in the design of classic sommeliers’ tools. Once the screw has been twisted into place, the first lever is placed onto the neck of the bottle. The pressure applied at this stage loosens the cork and starts coaxing it out just a little. The second lever is then used to smoothly and effortlessly extract the cork entirely from the neck of the bottle.

To preserve the sharpness of the main blade – which, after all, still needs to cut the baguette, cheese and assorted hors d’oeuvres – the Wine Master is also equipped with a short and curved, wavy-edged blade for cutting and removing the foil on the cork.

Together, these three new additions provide the perfect prelude to the main joy of savoring the wine.

The new Wine Master is encased in a choice of two scales – either fine-grained walnut or light, sleek olive wood. Beautiful, luxuriously worked leather has been crafted into an eyecatching pouch to protect the Wine Master between uses. The Wine Master is available from specialist dealers from mid-September. Santé!

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